Free Dissertation Topics

Free Dissertation Topics

How to Choose a Dissertation Topic

Writing a dissertation comes with great responsibilities such as choosing a dissertation topic, understanding the dissertation format and dissertation writing tips. Remember, dissertation writing is one of the crowning moments of your academic life and this important process may as well be the turning point of your career. Having a great dissertation is one thing that almost every student wishes for. However, not everyone has the technical ability of coming up with a well articulated dissertation. Not that it is anyone’s fault but dissertation writing is not an easy task. To understand the importance and the complexity of dissertation writing, you find that your supervisor allocates you ample time to complete your dissertation.

This is because; they too understand the challenge that comes as a result of dissertation writing. With this in mind, use the time allocated to write your dissertation effectively because during the process, you need every minute to research, write and proofread your dissertation. Choosing a dissertation topic is a delicate task that requires relative prioritization and proper planning. You should choose a dissertation topic that is related to your course and one that you feel you are capable of researching on. The reason why most instructors or supervisors do not give you a dissertation topic to write on is because they want to limit as much as possible their involvement with you as a student. Being at liberty to choose a dissertation topic of your choice can be of great advantage. Just imagine being instructed to write a dissertation on a topic you have no idea of.

This may be quite challenging based on the fact that different students have different unique abilities and writing styles. When choosing a topic for your dissertation, do not limit your options. You must be aggressive and focused on choosing the appropriate topic. A common mistake that most students make when choosing dissertation topics is probably choosing a topic that is too ambiguous and vague or choosing a topic that is too restrictive. How then do you know whether your topic is vague or restrictive? Your dissertation topic should answer a particular question. Keep in mind that most probably, your dissertation will attempt to come up with an argument based on existing facts and literature to explain a phenomena. Make sure that your topic is related to your research questions.

On the other hand, make sure that your topic is not too restrictive in terms on analysis. If you confine yourself in a narrow topic, chances are that you will not be in a position to gather enough information related to your topic. One of the restrictions that students put themselves into is geographical restrictions. When researching about something and you happen to name a city or town in your topic, the content of your dissertation must confine itself within that location even if sometimes you are allowed to look at the topic from a global perspective. Most importantly, your dissertation is an illustration of your originality and genuineness in research. Never pick a topic or a research question that someone else has written about. This is why you are required to submit your dissertation topic for approval before commencing the writing process.