Choosing Research Paper Topics

Choosing Research Paper Topics

How to Choose Research Paper Topics

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Writing a research paper while in college is one of the inevitably task that every college student has to undertake. The main purpose of research papers assigned to you is to encourage critical thinking on the part of the student. In most cases, different students have different techniques of writing their research papers. However, there is a thin line between actually writing the paper and what the examiner is looking for. The person marking your paper is looking at more than just research. He/she is evaluating you based on your articulation of the information gathered and how you are able to rely the same information in a clear and precise manner. This is why the most important rule when writing a research paper is ‘avoid side information. Concentrate on your key points and argument and in the long-run convince the reader why you took a certain position with regards to your essay.

Tips to choosing a research paper topic

The most important thing when choosing a research paper topic is originality. You should be unique with your topic particularly when you are at liberty to choose your own topic. When given the opportunity by your professor to choose an essay topic, pick a topic that is unique. There are hundreds of essay topics explaining various phenomena in life. Ignore that and choose a topic that will make the reader want to know more about your research paper. Remember, the only thing that limits you from choosing virtually any topic is your course. It is often wise to choose a topic related to your course in the occurrence that the examiner has not asked for any topic to be used. The next thing you should remember when choosing a research paper topic is avoiding wordy topics. A research paper topic should not be more than one line particularly if your paper is relatively short. Wordy topics are often misconstrued as being vague and imprecise. Another approach to this is that you should choose a topic that actually interests you. If you choose a topic that is not interesting to you, you will find yourself struggling through the entire paper. However, if you choose a topic or an issue that fascinates you, most probably you won’t even have to refer to external sources for your research.

Most importantly, do not limit your research paper topic to either o geographic location or a single issue too much. You find that if a student is writing about a global issue, he/she is better placed to find adequate information related to their essay. However, any kind of limitation means that you have to gather information related to that particular limitation. However, this should not be confused with the approach of narrowing down the topic. You should be able to narrow down in your research and look at a certain issue in your research paper. If instructed to write a research paper on the World War. The topic ‘World War’ itself is too broad. A wise student would probably look at ‘the causes of the world war’ or ‘the effects of World War 2’.